View Full Version : Scale Stick Models for Electric R/C

03-09-2006, 05:08 PM
Here are a bunch of links for plans and kits for 30-60" stick and former models designed for or convertable to modern electric R/C.

Penn Valley Hobby Center: Lots of smaller 17-24" rubber kit reproductions for old guys to build and compete with. (

Easy Built:Large stick models intended for rubber free flight, can be beefed up a little for slow electric scale (

Dare Model Engineering:Pat Tritle and Mike Midkiff large laser cut stick models kits for electric R/C (

Dumas:They are starting to produce Pat Tritel designs, 40" slow flying scale (

Pat's Custom Models:Pat Tritle's site all sizes, mostly slow flying laser cut stick model electrics, laser cut somewhat hard to build (

Herr Engineering: Small scale rubber and electric scale R/C, laser cut. (

Aerodyne Online: Plans and patterns sets for old rubber scale, etc kits

Cleveland Models and Supplies: Reprints of plans for many of their stick model designs in various scales.

There that's most of the websites with stuff of interest for small electric R/C scale