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ironbinder 12-15-2013 08:17 PM

DJI Phantom 2 (not Vision model)
Hey So what is the deal with DroneFly's deal on the new Phantom 2 (plain version). With package deal including Zenmuse H3 2D gimbal?
For $869 w/free shipping.

It says it comes with a 6 Channel TX??
What is up with that?
I thought you needed at least 7 channels to control the Zenmuse Gimbal?

Is Dronefly just getting rid of a bunch of 6 Ch TX's they have sitting around, or is six channels all you need to control
1 up/down
2 pitch
3 roll
4 yaw
5 switching from GPS total control to manual
6 operation of gimbal

I am learning about all of this. So that is why I am asking. If I had all the answers, and knew about all this stuff, I would not be asking.
Thanks in advance,

What is the deal on this? Anyone know.?

Flubber 12-16-2013 10:41 AM

If you read down at the bottom of the page It says the camera pitch is controlled by a device that attaches to the back of the transmitter.

I saw a video of this set up on DJI's site and it looked easy to use. Sorry I do not know any more.

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