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twinbrother2010 01-07-2014 02:57 AM

Avoid this Ebayer from Hong Kong
Ebayer: rocky_models_hk

I wanted to share my experience with one Ebayer on a recent purchase hoping others don't fall into the same trap with this seller. The ebay seller isrocky_models_hkand this ebayer sells RC airplane stuff. I purchased a set of Lander Full Metal 90 Degree Electric Retract Main Gear in Dec. The retracts arrived a couple of weeks later from Hong Kong. While testing, one of the retracts stopped working. I tried getting it to work again, but no success. I contacted the seller and he told me to put some oil on the turning mechanism. He assured me if it didn't work, he would warranty the item for a full replacement. I did that and no success. I discovered, after inspecting the motor, that it burnt out. I emailed the seller letting him know and no response. I emailed him 2 more times about the burnt motor and no response.

After repeated attempts of contactingrocky_models_hkwithout a response, I opened a Paypal resolution case. The seller immediately closed the resolution the next day. He ignores my emails but finds time to close the resolution. Immediately, I escalate it to a claim. Due to the lack of response from the seller, Paypal found in my favor and is awarding me a full refund. I, however, had to spend $35 to send back the retracts to Hong Kong.

rocky_models_hkhas a 99.2% rating. However, I noticed the seller provides no customer service. If the item you purchase arrives working, then it all works out. However, if you get a damaged or broken item, the seller not only ignores you, he rebutts by saying the buyer never responds to him. Apparently, he's done this on a number of occasions with other buyers based on the rating reviews I've read.

Fellow RC modelers, you are more than welcome to purchase from this seller. However, if your item is damaged or broken, you will have to spend the money shipping it back to Hong Kong, which isn't cheap, or you're left with an expensive DOA product. Every time I ask for the warranty, rocky_models_hk ignores me. Only through ebay and paypal did I get my money back...less $35 for shipping the DOA product back to him.

CHELLIE 01-07-2014 03:29 AM

thanks for the Heads Up on this seller ;) I have had problems with sellers too, i have won all of my cases, got all of my money back with EBay and PayPal, but it sure is a Hassle, LOOK and READ the Sellers NEG. feed back before Buying from them, Not just the Percentage Numbers, if this issue has Happened before, someone will have Noted it,
Take care and have fun, Chellie

Wildflyer 01-07-2014 05:44 AM

Surprisingly in China, there is no real feeling or commitment to make the buyer happy. That is a USA way of doing things.

I was a rep for Gravity Hobby, when they were starting up, a few years ago. My "territory" was the entire west coast.

As a rep I had several of their kits and planes. One of mine, the C-130 cargo plane, had a bad ESC. It had brushed motors so it used one ESC for all four motors.
They would not replace it, even for someone that was working in their behalf.
I could not believe some of the emails I received, and I had the email addresses to the head offices and many of the officers of the company.

I then brought this up with the man in charge of US sales, he told me that in China, once you have bought something, and it is defective, you are stuck. Gravity refused to adopt the US way of standing behind your product and they went out of business.

HobbyKing seems to be much better in this area, although a little stubborn. I am lucky to live 20 miles south of HK's warehouse, in Lakewood WA. I have talked to the manager, and he told me if I have any problem with any HK purchase, he will make sure it gets fixed.

JetPlaneFlyer 01-07-2014 06:00 AM


Originally Posted by twinbrother2010 (Post 936450)
Paypal found in my favor and is awarding me a full refund. I, however, had to spend $35 to send back the retracts to Hong Kong.

To be honest I think this is typical for the service you can expect when ordering from China. Even a big dealer like Hobbyking is similar if you order from the China warehouse.
These guys sell very cheap, and most often the first thing you loose when you buy at cheapest price is customer service. Their pricing just doesn't have customer service and warranty replacement built into the equation. They don't want your returned items so make it as difficult as possible for you to return it.

End of the day though it's not unreasonable to have to return a faulty item if you want a refund. If you buy from overseas you have to factor the (small) chance of having to return into your buying decision. Rarely in this life can you have the best of both worlds, cheapest price AND great customer service, so choose which you want when you buy. If you want a good warranty and no hassle customer service then buy brand name products from a local trusted local dealer and be prepared to pay the price.

twinbrother2010 01-07-2014 06:14 AM

I understand all that. The thing is, this guy guaranteed to replace the item and I did exactly what he said and he lied about it. In the end, I never would have gotten my money back if it wasn't for Paypal and ebay. I would have gotten nothing back if I sent the item back without Paypal and ebay. The point to me posting is the seller lied about what he was going to deliver, an exchange. Paypal forced him to give me my money back. The seller didn't want to do it. When I asked about getting a replacement, he ignored all my emails.

Hobbyking at least would honor an exchange. rocky_models_hk refused to do that, even after promising it.

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