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Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post
CCRC has a great site facilities wise. Relief rooms with hot and cold running water,flushing thrones, nice concessions area, covered pit area/ benches with AC outlets ,spectator bleachers, nice graveled parking area, separate flight areas for fixed wing and helis, asphalt and sod runways. just wish they had more usable air space. Years ago when I was a member for close to 20 years we (they) had lots of flying space and a runway and that was about it.

I fly mostly from what was a hay field and still is all around it but it is close.

I have a 24V 55A power supply for home use and two 125Ah deep cycle for field use. They are setup to be used paralleled or on series as needed.

While the PL8 will only do up to 500 watts on 12V that is still not to shabby..

Sorry for being OT but us old timers digress at times.

We have a hole in the ground with one of those little houses over it How do you pay for all those amenities? Private donation, part of a public park system, etc??
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