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Default The New GWS SLOW STICK


Pictures from the Build!

And new information about the kit.

First thing that GWS has changed is the Bok its a lot smaller and even has a handle on it.

When I opened the bx the first thing I noticed was that the medal frame now comes in 2 sections! ( more later)

on page 2 of the manual you will see tha the kit also now comes with a new part PMSPC-1023
(Push rod lock head) well they were not in my kit!
GWS has updated the manual And in teh 2nd one I bought! there was a piece of paper to show how to make z-bends ans say the push rods are optional)

on page 2 the manual says the kits comes with PXISOF-4P-2062R
Cowling fixing screw M2

and PXISOF-4P-2062R
Cowling fixing screw M3

also PWWAHF43052050R ( Washer)
also PWWAHF43052050R ( Washer)

and PWNUT43162040R (labeled as Fiber Glass spar but the picture shows a nut)

All these items were missing from my kit!

Thank good for spare parts!

Moving on the build is the same GWS slow stick build ( now for some great news GWS has made the foam pieces of the Slow stick tail out of thicker foam) it is not the old cheap red depron looking foam but a white foam core with red on both sides thicker foam. good job GWS

Also now on page 5 they show a Instalation position of all the plastic parts if your are going to use a lipo setup!

on page 6 they show the stock setup for the old slow stick.

On page 5 they also show the Fuselage Assembly using as I stated before the 2 piece frame good I guess if you want to break down your plane for transporting. and I guess if you break the fron or bend your frame just replace the front portion and your done might be some help! jury still out on this change.

jumping to page 9 they show the new Push rod locks being used!

Besides that everything else looks the same

A few pictures

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