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Default $75 Build Contest - Making the picture attachments larger

If you are having trouble reading the comments included with the picture, use the page "customize and control display" option at the top, right corner. The last picture has very light yellow printed comments, which are very difficult to read in the default display size. You may want to enlarge the display 200%, or more so it is easier to read the comments. I must remember to use a better contrasting color so the comments aren't so hard to read. I have more information about using foam drinking cups as a source of rings for ribs and foam sheet material for fuselage and wing skins in my RC Groups blog. I also have a few video in my Youtube channel. I am Tsavah in both also.

Note: The Youtube channel has more than my own video displayed. You will want to scroll down to find my RC related video. Subscribe to get notified when I add more video related to this project.
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