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Default AMA mambership - a waste of money?

I sent in my $68 dollars (it went up!) for membership, mainly so I could retain membership in my 'local' flying club and use their very large field. Well, when I got my confirmation and new card it also came with an flyer announcing that AMA members can receive a discount on their [Nationwide] car insurance! Well it turns out that my truck is insured by Nationwide (both have been for over a decade) so I took the flyer and my card in to see what this was all about, as it was about time for me to renew anyway.

Well it seems they do offer this discount, so while one lady took my card to be Xeroxed, my agent figured out what my new rate would be. Turns out that I will now be paying $72 less per year! Not only does this completely offset my AMA membership fee, but if you do the math you'll see that technically the AMA is actually paying me $4 a year to be one of their members!

Not much of a waste at all, it seems!

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