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Default Strong Motor Issue

I just received an order from Strong Motors, but I have an issue with one of them. I have to mount my motor the shaft sticking out the stationary side of the motor, and so the the screws go into the motor on the stationary side from the mount. The screws are supposed to be uneven, and you should be able to make a virtual square through the path of the screws. I hope I am explaining this okay. The issue is one of the motors has this the wrong way, so if I line the motor up, two screws are up from where they screw in and two are down. I can't take apart the whole motor and remove the coils and pivot the back of the motor can I. The windings exit out of the side of the part, and there is plenty of space to pivot the windings and thus allowing the motor to mount, but I don't know how to do it.
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