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Default A scale Concorde

First, this is NOT a $75.00 Build Contest entry as it will almost certainly take too long.
This will continue the 'scale' ducts concept as I used on the Fairey Delta 2 so another super lightweight build.
For the right 'look' it will also use a true scale wing or as near as I can make it!
First I have prepared this 'plain' (all surface detail removed) 3 view.
Click image for larger version

Name:	Simple3V.jpg
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The intent is to use two 40mm EDFs placed right at the back of the inboard engines where the jet pipe is circular. By using the whole engine nacelle the inlet duct will have an area significantly greater than the FSA and be fed by both inlets.
Scaled to a 40mm jet pipe the Concorde will have a span of 36" and be 90" long.
For transport (and storage!) 27" of the nose and 7" of the tail cone will be removable.
That's about as far as my thinking has got.

When the 40mm EDFs arrive and have been tested I will have a better idea of the chances of success!

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