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Default $75.00 Build Contest: Pou du Ciel

When the contest was announced I thought, 'What an opportunity.' Been intending to build something in foam, maybe with an EDF, neither of which I had used before, and had a plane in mind. The North American F-108 Rapier from the 1950s seemed the ideal project.

The Rapier looked like a scaled down B-70 Valkyrie with a fuselage similar to the Vigilante, also a North American design. Intended to be a Mach 3 interceptor and an escort fighter for the Valk, it had its mission all spelled out. The military wanted 450 of them.

However, the contest discussion comments clarified that it had to be an aircraft that had actually flown and the Rapier never made it past the mock-up stage. After the B-70 fatal crash and project cancellation it was also cancelled, plus ICBMs and Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) were cheaper.

So, my emphasis shifted and will go with the 1920s Pou du Ciel, aka "Flying Flea." There are several plans, three-views, and photos on the web showing different builder's variations on the theme. Will go with a period typical paint scheme, to be decided later.

The build will be balsa, bass, and ply with a silk and nitrate dope covering. Will use mainly Titebond glue with some epoxy and may glass in the nose area. The main wing span is around 45 inches so it will be close to 1/6 scale. No idea yet on weight but it should be light and either a 300 or 400 motor, both of which I have awaiting planes. Photos will follow. Ribs are cut, spars glued up, and the full flying rudder built (5 grams).

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