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Default Accipiter Badius Pattern plane

OK -- so I've bought a plain white kit version of the Accipiter Badius (Formosa clone) ....

It's basically an EPS machine as I gather and therefore I will be looking at covering the vulnerable packing case foam with Heat Shrink Film.

This will do various things in one go :

a) Clean up all edges and any dings, dents that EPS is liable to.
b) Provide a nice smooth glossy finish to aid her being slippery in the air.
c) Provide an excellent base for any decals / decoration I decide to add.
d) Provide some protection against the dings and dents flying will do ..

I'm still trying to decide what overall colour scheme ... but most likely is a sunburst scheme on top, plain underside, to provide maximum orientation view.

The model is intended for sunday aerobatics with a view to some of the F3A routines ... so needs a good contrast top to bottom.

There are other considerations in mind ...

a) do I stay with ailerons only or convert to inboard flaps / outboard ailerons by modifying from single central torque rod servo ...
b) change control runs to have Link Stoppers instead of V bends
c) Retracts instead of fixed U/C
d) Canopy change to transparent plastic with a pilot !

I would like this to be a little more personal than the standard scheme ... to be honest this is one area that annoys me with todays models ... they all have same cosmetics ! Not many people seem to have desire to personalise anymore ... especially when the lacquer paint used .. even decals ... rub of so easily !!

This thread will be added to as I progress with the cosmetics ... as well as doing a step by step of how to cover foam with Heat Shrink film ...


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