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Default A favour from a DX18 user in the US?

You may or may not know that Spektrum along with most other mainstream brands of Tx come region specific to suit local legislation on signal strength. The US has the highest power signal, Europe is significantly lower. On Tx's retailed in Europe there is no option in the firmware to switch to high power US region.

The firmware updates are coded to each transmitter so it's not straightforward to flash a US firmware to a EU Tx. It has to go to Horizon in the US and they need to see that you are living in the US before they will do it. What i was curious about is if i could have a look inside the firmware and switch on the US region option. Just maybe it might be possible to do a file comparison of the EU vs. US firmware and do a hack.

To do this I'd need a copy of the latest (v104d) .sax file for the DX18 from a US region radio and do a file comparison to my own EU firmware to see where the differences are. Most likely I'll find it cant be done due to encryption making the file impossible to read, but i'd like to have a go anyway.

So any US DX18 users care to send me a v104d .sax file? (pm me if so)

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