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Default New sea/snow plane - $75 contest

Well now that winter is here, and I have access to a lake as well, it's time for a suitable plane for both . It's going to be a twin-boom pusher, similar in size and configuration to this one:

But this time the tail booms are going to extend way out in front and double as floats & skis (well, triple, I suppose ). The central pod is going to rise up above the wing to get the prop out of the water/snow. And we'll have rudders which extend down to the bottom of the floats, doubling as water rudders.

Anyway, I've started on the floats:

They are of rather low-quality "dunnage" foam. I plan to cover them with fibreglas - that's where all the strength will come from. In the picture they have a coat of BIN primer on them which sort of "case hardens" them, making them a lot easier to work with.

More as things progress!

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