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Originally Posted by Killer Planes View Post
Hello Everyone!

My name is Eric. I work over at
Hey Eric welcome to WF.

Originally Posted by Killer Planes View Post
Our specialty is crash-proofing foam RC planes using "Carbon Fiber Reinforcement."
Now lets be honest. No RC plan is crash-proof. Even a complete CF plane can crash and be damaged. Servo gear strip, motors break, batteries get damaged in crashes. In fact strengthening the airframe can cause those other components to more readily break.

Also - this re-enforcement and glue adds weight. Now you have a plane that is heavier and causes itself more damage in a crash.

More crash-resistance - sure.

Originally Posted by Killer Planes View Post
We are looking to take our innovation to the next level, by manufacturing our own production model crash-proof RC plane.
Good luck! Again nothing is crash-proof.

Originally Posted by Killer Planes View Post
So, I am hoping to hear your opinions on the subject!

Do you crash a lot? Do you wish your plane was stronger? Would you pay more for a crash-proof plane? Do you have any experience with crash-proofing?

Thank you all! Look forward to hearing from you.
No don't really crash a lot. Part of that is a fly light airplanes that fly well. No I won't pay more for crash proof as there really is no such thing. No experience with crash proofing. Watching your vids I don't see a bunch of crashes, then picking up an undamaged airplane and flying again. Maybe I just missed that. Saw some "low" passes but those aren't crashes.

Originally Posted by Killer Planes View Post
PS - if you are interested, check out our youtube channel with dozens of videos of our crash-proof planes in action!

What I see are a few crashes, but no video of the "aftermath". Where is the vid of the planes - going into the trees, then you pluck them out - show NO DAMAGE (crashproof) then you stick a new batt in and go fly again?

Maybe I just missed those.

Again - Crashproof just sounds like false advertising to me. Sorry man been in the hobby too long to know ain't no such thing!

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