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Default Market Segmentation


These guys have been a round for awhile...small outfit providing various foam models and carbon rod reinforcment kits.

I'm wondering what their own statistics of sales has provided....they must have kept track of the volume related to the kits and modified plane packages sold, thus triggering a Q/A post here and at other web forums.

I'd suggest, before they get carried away putting $$$ into a product and marketing, they take a look at (the marketing experts) and get a feel for the real aspect of segmentation (which they are attempting through shot gun web posting).

Obviuosly, they have a some idea how to target a potential market and aggregate prospective buyers into groups that have common needs and those who will respond similary to a marketing action....although, based on the thread just started, seems they are hunting and pecking around right now to get feedback without realizing who their audience is.......I guess it's one way to establish a data base.

Another thing they should realize as well, when targeting segments and analyzing feedback and evaluating profitability, they should consider the market size, expected growth, competitive position, cost of reaching the market segment and the compatibility with their organizations objectives and resources.....

That's my 2 cents on developing new products and services...

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