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Originally Posted by egrave1 View Post
What is the best charger for around $100 to $125 that charges more then 1 lipo at a time and charges fast
Several club members have the Hitec model as below. It has a max output of 6 amps, and four channels. The charger is limited to 80 watts per channel, so if you're charging a 6S LiPo, you will be limited to a 3 Amp maximum charging rate.

The Cellpros are good, I've got two Cellpro Powerlab 8's and use them to charge my 12S2P A123 cells in 15 minutes. But, that charger is pulling 55 Amps out of your 12 Volt power supply in the process. Forget about connecting that unit to a deep cycle battery while pulling 55 Amps. That will promptly kill just about any deep cycle lead acid battery. Don't ask.

Cellpro chargers only allow charging one battery at a time, or you can parallel connect them with Cellpro parallel cable accessories.

Three or four members have the Cellpro 10xP chargers. A nice fairly high powered charger.

Unfortunately, high quality AND high power LiPo battery chargers are not compatible with cheap prices!

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