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in my opinion, the recommended power system will be marginal with that setup. I run a monster 32 on 3 cells with a 12" prop on my ultra stick that weighs up to 2.5lbs less then that beaver. its pretty asthmatic at 350 watts (100 watts a pound). with 4 cells on the same prop, it pulls over 800 watts.

to get 100 watts a pound, you would need between 450 and 600 watts for marginal performance, which would about max out the power 32 motor. e-flight motors are under rated and of good quality, so you can push them a bit past max.

in y opinion you'll be looking at 5-6 minute flight times. if your really careful, maybe 15 absolute maximum. batteries in that size are a bit expensive and take a while to charge.

if your just getting back into the hobby, id recommend going with a park flyer setup, and a 450-480 sized motor. this setup should run between a 1500-2200 mah battery, and batteries of this size cost $5-10 a piece through hobby king vs $25-30 for a larger 3300 mah battery like this plane uses. later down the road, you can y these smaller batteries together and re use them for larger models.

included. brand new the plane is $120

slow stock prop reversal. it flies! easily! 543 watt dual motor bipe slow stick. push-me-pull-you. 242 watt 3 channel slow stick. 365 watt mini ultra stick. 415 watt mini contender. 810 watt ultra stick .25e. 220 watt alpha 450 sport (retired).
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