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Default Some unusual skis

I recently put some floats on one of my foamies, and then tried them out on snow as well. I'm so impressed with how well those floats works as skis that I'm now making a new set that will look pretty much like floats, but will only be for snow . Here are the foam cores with wood longerons glued in place:

Based on my experience with more conventional skis last winter, one of the biggest issues is sinking in too deep if the snow is fluffy, or kinda wet. These ought to be immune to that as they are much wider and much longer. More like a couple of toboggans. Should glide right over foot prints too.

Another issue I noticed last winter was that the sides of flat, thin skis could dig into the snow upon landing if you come in with any significant yaw. These new ones will have nice tall sides which should just slide along instead of digging in.

Finally, these aren't going to pivot at the wheel axle point - they will be fixed front and back. Seems to work just fine with the re-purposed float plane.

More as things progress

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