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Default RC flying in Cardiff, UK

Hi, I am in my late 30s and live in the Cardiff area in the UK. I fly RC planes, have about 10 of them and am completely obsessed with it. Iím not a very good pilot but really enjoy flying. Iíve been doing this by myself for about a year now because I donít know many other people who are into this hobby. I would love to fly informally with like minded people so thought it would be a good idea to post this request on a few different forums. I know there are a few formal clubs in the Cardiff area but want to fly as part of a group with no club membership fees and no requirement to be in the bmfa. I understand that my request may annoy some people but want to say that I really donít want to offend anyone and am definitely not trying to push my point of view. Formal clubs are a great idea for many people, itís just that I donít want to be a member on the bottom rung of a club hierarchy who is expected to do what theyíre told. I just want to have a laugh with like minded people.

Basically, if you are part of a group of people like this, close to Cardiff who regularly go flying, I would greatly appreciate it if I could join you. If this is ok, please let me know by posting a response or emailing me at

I understand that the kind of group I am looking for may not exist near Cardiff so please also email me if you are interested in being part of a group of like minded people to meet up and go flying on weekends. I will post this same message on a few different forums and if enough people are interested in doing this, I will try to bring us all together. Even if you donít fly but have always wanted too, you could be part of this group and hopefully there will be enough of us to help give you the advice you need to get started as cheaply as possible without any commitments.

PS: I am a big fan of youtube channels: FliteTest and RCModelReviews. If you are new to RC planes, just interested or even an old hand in RC, you need to check FliteTest out! I have also recently started watching spocktra50 who are hilarious!
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