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Default Little intro

I'm Chris, I just happen to know that there is a little Blade 120SR BNF sitting under my tree right now. Been on WF for a while and this is my first post in the Heli area. I know less about Roundy-Roundy wing things than I do Airplanes.

I can tell you this heli was not bought on a whim, alot of questions were asked and research done before telling the wife what to get. This is to be an indoor, when it is too dark or windy to fly experience. I decided to forgo the coax heli's due to the advise that they are a completely diffrent animal. She will be bound to a DX8.

So, first question, what is most likely the first thing I am going to have to replace after crashing? And please don't say my TV.

I'm either going to get good at flying em, or get good at fixin em!
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