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Default coroplast build

so, one of the guys me and my dad fly with had some family move in. he lost his building space and garage. he brought over a bunch of things that we are keeping for him. he wants to get us involved in spad and combat style airplanes. he brought over some 6mm,4mm and 2mm coroplast and wants us to all start building planes with it. he also brought us a bunch of meter sticks, wooden dowels, and a few flat bats.

what I have been visualizing is a simple build. I'm thinking I was to use all 6mm coroplast (we have tons of 6mm compared to the other sizes, and we dumpster dove it, so I consider it to be free), and powered by a heads up 480 plus. size and weight will tell us if its going to be 3 or 4 cells, and hopefully not under powered.

looking at making a triangle shaped fuse for weight, simplicity, and strength. this is going to be more of a test bed for construction techniques more then a well thought out flyer. the wing I want to build out of either 6mm coroplast(heavy I know) or 4mm. I haven't decided on what style of wing, but it will have a meter stick spar, possibly cut down.

from what I've seen and learned from scraps, its very easy to fold, cut and shape. I think a fully symmetrical wing would be easiest to build. cut out two flutes up front, glue it, glue trailing edge, and then after glue sets, slide the yardstick in where you want it, clamp the outside to keep it in place and then drip ca down the stick to keep it from moving.

I also picture a v-tail, and no aleroins, just to keep things super simple and a bit lighter.

any suggestions? this will be my first one off build. shooting for 40" or so wing span, and want it in the 2-3lb range.

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