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Default Hitec SkyScout CG issue ???

Anyone out there experience an issue using 2200 mah 3s lipo's in the Sky Scout? The rec size uses a 1300 mAH---ALOT LIGHTER ! All my surfaces are aligned dead nut. I installed aileron's into wing's too ! The plane flys like it's tail heavy. When power is on --the nose goes upward & climbs---sometimes ok but --then it like stalls almost when power is backed down. Once I give it down it kinda flops down like nose heavy. The CG in manuel says 85mm behind leadling edge. Iv'e set it at neutral---moved 2300 mah back & forth to change CG to where nose after power is off really flops down.

Maybe characteristic of plane ? I hope not ! I have not tried the 1300 mah yet ?

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