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Default Nitromodels Raven 30e Prop Sizes?

Hey everyone, I am hoping someone has the Raven that i have, and may be able to share some insight with me.

the build manual suggests a 14x7 prop, but it seems to be a bit too large.

my power system is a turnigy sk3 42-750kv on 4s 2250mah and 60amp esc. i've flown the same setup on my Electrostik and it is a ton of power. (800+ watts or so) I use a 11 x 8 on the stick. wondering if 12x8 will be the way to go, but it looks too small on the front of the Raven. (as in the cowling is huge in comparison to the stick)

also have a 13x8 3 blade, looks awesome, but wont fit into the 2" spinner (dubro) any one have any ideas? and any one know what brand of 13 and 14 inch props that will fit in a 2 inch spinner? (i have dubro 2 and 3 blade spinners, same 2" dia. to match the cowling)

the props referred to above are all Master Airscrew G/F Nylon series.

thanks in advance!
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