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Default -thanks Chellie

I saw those specs on the website and have to scratch my head a little.

I'm not sure who invented the specs for this airplane, as the build manual (downloadable in PDF) says a 14x7 prop and says nothing about the esc or battery.

on the other hand, i have seen video's of this plane flying very well on 3s, (it is light for its size) but haven't seen info on the prop sizes used.

Obviously, i need to use a prop size that wont cause any over-amp on the esc, but I am really trying to get this beautiful model to look as scale-like as possible, so I don't really want a huge prop (or a small one) that looks disproportionate to the airframe.

my prop/spinner issues are that the hubs on 13" and larger are too big to allow the top half of the spinner to sit on the recessed screw paths. in other words, if i trim the spinner down to get the prop in there, I may not be able to screw the front end on without breaking out the nylon.

any one used the aluminum backplate spinners from dubro? do these have a different (smaller) screw system for securing the cone? my LHS has a poor selection of these things, so most of my purchasing is online with "GOD i hope it fits" as part of every purchase.

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