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Default Hobby Lobby Sky Surfer maiden today

As we all know there are tons of Sky Surfer clones out there, maybe the best known is the Bixler Sky Surfer from Hobby King. I opted for Hobby Lobby's Sky Surfer ARF and it went together without a hitch. The weather finally warmed up to a balmy 41F today so I got her out there for her first flight. Very nice flying airplane right out of the box. Took some getting used to the twitchyness of coupled ailerons/rudder since I'm used to flying a 2M Radian with no ailerons. Mounted a Mobius Action Cam on the nose for the 2nd flight. Decided after that it would be better to mount it just behind the cockpit to make it easier to get the CG right by shifting the lipo battery instead of adding weight. Weather permitting I'll launch her again ASAP. Would I buy another one from Hobby Lobby? Yes!
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