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Default Cleveland Models Kit 77.25" ws B-17G 1/16 scale

Hi, a fellow flyer and I are going to be building a Cleveland Models 1/16 scale B-17 which has a 77.25" ws. We plan on converting it from gas freeflight to electric r/c. Any help on determining power requirements would be helpful as we have never done a conversion before. Most of our builds have been designed for electric power at the start. We plan on the following controls: flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevator, working retracts and bombay. The original plan had the plane covered in silkspan which we plan on doing with sheeting on the nacelles and around the wing root area. We're also planing on using spruce (if we can find it) or basswood for the spars reinforced with carbon fiber. As to power we plan on going brushless @ around 1300 total watts which should be more power than needed. At this time we really have no idea what the all up weight will be. Once we get the supplies and weight the raw wood needed for the project we will make an estimate on weight.


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