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Question 1913 Eastbourne monoplane

I'm getting ready to take my AeroCraft/Hobby Lobby 1913 Eastbourne Monoplane kit off the shelf and put it on my worktable. Now usually before I start any build I scan both WattFlyer, RCG and other groups for any previous builds of the same plane so as to get an idea of what's involved, any problems that may be encountered, solutions and tips/ideas in general.

The problem this time is there aren't any! Not just the AC/HL kit, but I can't find a single detailed build log of an Eastbourne period! Even Google refuses to help. All I get are a few short (less than one page) threads by people like me asking questions, and a short build with almost no info, just a few pictures with no details about the build. So I'm starting this one even more in the dark than my very first one (there were a lot of Miss Stik build threads, I even printed one out and kept it by the work table while building). Is there anyone else out there who has built this particular kit? Here are some of the things I am considering...
  • As this is a model of an actual aircraft, I would like it to be somewhat scale, without getting anal about it (this isn't a 257" scratch built B-36D after all ).

  • Because of the thinness of the wings on this plane, I am going to keep it as a 3Ch. RET rather than flattening the wings and attempting to add ailerons.

  • The wings have a strong undercamber so normal heat shrink covering techniques won't work (the plans/instructions even say not to use regular MoneyCote as it shrinks too much and may damage the wing). Also I would like to keep the Olde Tyme fabric look, but I have never used dope/tissue or silk before. Is this particularly difficult? Or is there a heat shrink substitute that will work? Although the idea of using modern plastic covering on this century old plane seems oddly blasphemous, I'm open to suggestions.

  • The Model is designed for nickel batteries, a Speed 400 brushed motor and a Mini Olympus gearbox (not sure at this writing of the reduction ratio). I plan to use Liithium, which will not affect the balance as the Batts are stored at the CG anyway, and a brushless motor. Because they are lighter than brushed motors to begin with, I intend to use an inrunner and keep the motor/gearbox combo so not to frak up the balance too much

  • Along with keeping balance there is another, (some would say vain) reason I want to keep the noisy gearbox; I want the noise! I know I'll never find one that sounds like a 'real' Anzani engine, but something that at least resembles the rough, 'clattery' sound (or a scaled down version of it) would be nice.

If there is anything else I should know, please chime in. I'm also making this request on RCG in case they have anything

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