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Default Seagull 2000.....and btw--Happy New Year!

I've not been around much this past year (if any at all) due to some personal issues and actually spending most of my time on my m/c. I was off the bike for 3 years due to an illness and now I guess I'm making up for lost time. So RC took a back seat.

The bug seems to have bitten again and I was in our LHS yesterday. Went home with a new sailplane called the Seagull 2000. 2 meter powered sailplane, no dihedral with ailerons. My first plane with ailerons too.

I'd seen it on the shelf for a year but paid little attention to it after looking at the price--$175. Yesterday it was marked $80 out the door. I couldn't resist so I bought it. At first I thought it was foam construction but then realized it's all wood. No motor or electronics included.

Wondering if any have any experience with this model?
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