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Default nippy black and jeti esc combination cut out

I am trying to set up a nippy black 1602/160 motor with a Jetti 18 3p esc. in a j 3 arf weighing 32-26 oz .The motor runs with 1300 mh 11.1 lipos and 2200mh 11.1 lipos for approx 10 min with the 2200 below 3/8 throttle, and near the same with the smaller battery. Cut out happens when you increase to above 3/8 to 1/2 throttle. I am new to elec rc and cant find specs on the motor and the info from Jeti does not seem to work with my esc. I.E procedure for timing does not work the way the instructions indicate. Beeps and indicators do not follow instruction sheet from Jeti. I would really like to maiden this thing but I am not sure 3/8 throttle would be very controllable with my lack of experience. I have approx 25 hours on a bnf supercub by horizon hobby and then i converted it to ailerons and have another 25 hours on that.
These power systems are hard to figure out in laymans terms, loving the hobby but it is mystifing with the too technical or too simple information available. We fried the 40 amp esc on the park 480 set up and i am waiting for the new esc, so I am trying to get airborne with this nippy set up that was known good when removed from a wrecked zero. What the Heck?
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