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Default Balsa kit building

I just ordered a balsa kit, a Mountain Models P 51:

I will not doubt be throwing on a 2 blader, rather than a scale 4 blader, but I am excited nonetheless. I have a few questions about building though, as I have never built anything balsa before. For the main build, would it be wise to add in carbon fiber, and where? Secondlyh, how does one bend balsa? Thirdly, for the motor, it is meant for a gear box, would it take much it throw in an outrunner, most likely a 2836 size? Also, where do I use thick CA and where do I use thin CA? Lastly, how exactly do I wrap the plane? I understand it is a covering that is heated up and shrinks, but is there a certain way to cut the covering and a certain tool to heat it with? It wont be for some time before I get the plane, but I would like some insight from those who have built planes before, or links to sites that give good directions on the procedures required.
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