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Default screwed up and would like to share the mistake on the rv 4-40

hello fellow builders,iv' been building the RV 4-40 since last winter and spent the last few days covering. I'm now up to installing the servos and horns only to dicover a mistake while installing the push rods for the rudder and elevator.

the elevator uses 2 push rods,one for each half and i just discovered my error.... really deserves more .

the 2 push rod tubes that are permanently epoxied in place are exiting where the rudder should have exited and of coarse the rudder tube is where the elevator tubes should have been. my solution is simple and straight forward.

in the pictures supplied you get to see the error and the joiner piece i now need to install sitting on the elevators. i will have to join the elevator halves by using a dremell to slightly cut a recess to seat the joiner and epoxy it in place and then fabricate a thin plywood cap to complete the epoxying for strength. the caps will be small an covered in the yellow monacoat.

everything was going so smoothly with this build and the wing turned out straight even with the funky design greatplanes did. it was a pleasant assembly.

i'm open to any suggestions as i don't plan on spending any more time working on this till the weekend. we are expecting 8 to 10 inchs of snow friday.

as the saying happens,fix it and go fly!! stu

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