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Default Phoenix Models Tucano(PC-9) GP/EP Review and Build

Just received my new Phoenix Models 40 Tucano from Tower Hobby. From order to door took all of 3 days. Wow factor.

First impression as I opened the box ? Wow !!! I finally found the Holy Grail of ARF's !

This plane is wood/balsa & fiberglass cowl.

WS; 62"
Length: 54"
Flying weight: 7 lbs
Wing Type: Naca airfoil
Covering: Oracover
Hinges: CA type
LG. Fixed wire for mains with oleo strut for stearable nose gear
Canopy: spring latched type
Cockpit: scale instrument panels with HUD 2 Pilot figures included
Spinner 58 mm included
Engine mount Comes with Gas and electric parts included stand offs.

Needed to complete:
Servos: 4 standard
Motor: I'm using a Powerup 46 from HURC 620kV, 1000 watt max power
ESC: Skypower 80 amp w/ 6 amp linear BEC from HURC
UBEC: Yes. I'll use a separate UBEC with buss-tie circuit
Prop: 13 x 6.5 or 12 x8
Lipo: I'll be using 5S. Motor/esc will handle 6S

This plane oozes with quality and craftsmanship throughout. The covering is impeccable. I'm especially impressed with the sheeting. Unlike some others I've had, there's no see-through soft spots on this one. Clearly designed old-school.

It came well protected , double boxed and all subcomponents taped or in nice bags and organized logically. There was one little nick in the port side exhaust pipe. An easy repair.

The plane is designed to accept retracts and even included vacuum formed plastic wheel wells. On other Phoenix models , they typically have used air or mechanicals but this plane will accept servoless retracts.
They must not have received the 2010 memo that servoless have improved drastically in the last few years.

There are no flaps included on this model. They could be modded but frankly, I don't think it needs them. Worse case, you could go with flapperons. The ailerons are long. One less thing to worry about.

Here some pics:

Grand opening / unboxing

Parts laid out

Minor blemish on port side exhaust pipe

I'll read through the manual a couple of times and get started tomorrow. Plan to take my time on this one.

Did I mention the price? . Ready? $129.00 shipped. Combing the planet for an affordable PC-9 I was taken back. Sebart, Seagull, Ecomm, Unique models, etcetera. When I found it. my first thought was: Are you eff'n kidding me ? Still shaking my head on this.

I've paid a lot more for far lesser quality foam planes. Heck the bare Multiplex Tucano kit is $179.00 Go figure.

I'll post progress over the next two weeks. With my wife out of town, I've commandeered the kitchen table. It must be completed by March 1 or my @$$ is grass. Hopefully, I'll get to the Maxford Globe Swift built also.

Here's the link:

From other sites, the Phoenix Tucano 40 has great flight reviews.

Already got me thinking about other Phoenix models but okay, I know, first things first...


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