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Default Hobby King Radjet 800 with modification

Ok I have not seen much of a thread on this plane so I thought I might start one.
After reading another thread and talking about the fact the Stryker is no longer available and wanting a good replacement, I let Dahawk talk me into buying one of these with some modifications to hopefully "speed it up" So if its a complete failure blame Dahawk. LOL just kidding Hawk...
So here goes:
First of all, I thought I had purchased the Kit version of this plane but I must of mistakenly bought the PNP, so if you plan to do mods to this plane I recommend the kit version so you don't have to carve it up like I had to.

My plan is to replace the ESC, motor, prop and a 3 axis flight stabalizer from hobby king with the following:
Motor: Hobby king 2200KV motor

ESC: Phoenix Edge Lite 50 Amp ESC (yes expensive but programmable and easy to convert to 4s or bigger if you choose)

Prop: 6x6

Battery: 2100-2200 MAH battery
(again expensive but they are what I have)

Gyro: 3-axis stabilizer

So first came the unboxing and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was packed. I was also surprised that it to came with a manual (turns out is has a lot of pictures but lacked info)
Next I began the soldering process. What a pain, it always is but has to be done.
Then I began to replace the motor and ESC. To do this I had to cut two sections of the fuselage. One was right above the motor to access the motor mount and the second was right above the ESC. I kept the original motor mount and the motor lined up perfectly for the motor replacement . Glued motor back in and added the ESC.
Then the difficult part began, getting the stabilizer setup was a royal, time consuming pain in the azz, and I had to carve out some foam to get the stabilizer into the fuselage. Now I know you would think just switch the gyro switch to delta and activate the stabilizer switch to aux 1 and away you go. Yea not so much. I am not sure of the exact setup by the manual (I did not get one with the stabilizer) but after a lot of trial and error, this is what I did to get it all working:
1) set up radio for elevons and ensure ailerons are functioning properly
2) on the flaps setup ensure norm/Flap is 100% and all others is 0%
3) on the stabilizer keep all switches in the off position except for the last one closer to the pins is in the ON or up position
Finally I finished putting on the wings and glued hatches up.
Last but not least balancing the plane now the CG was never officially posted and their a lot of opinions are where it should be so I SWAGed it. I balanced mine just in front of the throw holes and after adding 28oz of weight in the tail I think I have it.
So there you have it the Radjet 800. I am hoping to maiden this weekend but weather here has been unpredictable her in the Ole Wyo so we shall see Hope to have a video to show

Edit: As mentioned in a lower post by Wildflyer, when setting up the 3-axis stabilizer be sure to leave the transmitter setting for wingtype as normal and on the stabilizer turn delta ON

Here is my Watt settings for this setup

1/2 Throttle
10.3 Amps
102.3 Watts

Full Throttle
26.5 Amps
282 Watts

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Happy flying may your crashes be limited and if they are not limited let them be cool.
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