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Originally Posted by egrave1 View Post
What is the correct setting for charging lipo battery, some guys are telling me they charge their battery at 5 and 10 amps. I though you had to go by the C rating
Uh Oh
Need to be a little careful here. Some LiPo batteries can be charged at over the 1C rate. And, some folks indicate doing so results in shorter life for a LiPo battery.

For other wattflyer readers, here is a bit of information on that "C" terminology.

"C" and what it is

So, if you've got a 3200 Mah LiPo battery, that's 3.2 Ampere Hours, so charging it in one hour requires a charge rate of 3.2 Amperes (for that one hour).

As for me, I use those over weight, oversized, undervoltage A123 battery packs that can be charged at up to 10 Amps, per mfg specs. I've been charging mine at 7.5 Amps for a 2.3 Amp Hour battery and have had complete success. As an example, I'm charging my 12S2P A123 battery pack configured as a 6S4P pack, with a charge rate of 30 Amperes.

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