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Been there and gone through it twice so I know how you feel when my kids left 10 years ago. Happened to me at age 45/46 range as I had twins.

So the best is yet to come especially if you are still fairly young in your 40's or early 50's once you realize you got your house back with all that unused space with a tired look in need of a makeover or change of address. That is when you understand you have more money, you did not loose your kids, and you gained a lot of space in your home. Kids cost a lot and take up a lot of space. Time to remodel and re-purpose some areas of your home with a nice kitchen, bigger living room, and a gain hobby room, office, den, or library or two. That is what I did.

Or move to paradise to a new home of your liking. It is the second best time in your life; second to only when you left home with no worries you silly kid.

Congrats and Enjoy!
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