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Default 3rd Airplane?


I'm relatively new to this hobby and am wanting to look ahead as far as getting new planes goes. Because I'm only 15, cash is short so I need a good while to save up enough money for a new plane. I just graduated from my Super Cub and am now flying a HobbyZone Glasair Sportsman, which is a relatively scale 4 channel trainer. The problem is that I'm not quite sure what to get next. 3D flying is sort of what I'm thinking I'll want to specialize in, mostly because I'm a very detail oriented person and precision aerobatics is very detailed. The plane I have my eyes on now is the ParkZone Artizan. It's basically a sport foamy meant for learning basic aerobatic maneuvers. To me, this just seems like the next logical step, with the ParkZone Sukhoi SU-29MM to follow. Would the Artizan be a good next plane to get, or would something else be better? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Adam E.
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