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E-Flite Inverza 280
E-Flite Inverza 280
Published by thepiper92
Default E-Flite Inverza 280

I have taken the Inverza 280 for a few flights, nothing too extreme, just some knife edges, inverted flight, hovering (attempting), etc.

First off, the plane came well packaged, except one wing was slightly damaged at the tip, and as a result, the foam is a bit weakened. I used a dab of Uhu Por to fix it up, and will likely add some packing tape to some areas later. The plane went together easily enough, though the wings are not easy to put in, and I was worried about crushing the fuse to get them in. This means, however, that there is not wobble to the wings while seated in the fuse, which is good. Looking over the plane, the paint scheme is amazing, but the foam, or perhaps the paint, does feel odd, and seems to be damaged fairly easily with chips or dents. There were already some slight chips in the plane taking it out of the box, but I gather nothing is perfect. Surfaces did take a little playing around with, a servo horn on one aileron was not centered properly, and I needed to adjust the rods with a pair of pliers a bit.

This is nowhere near a beginner plane, and the performance it can deliver is quite exceptional. I would have liked to have had the AS3X in the plane, as it is still not a large plane, or heavy. Even in light winds you can see the plane being moved around a bit. On the other hand, I have not had a good experience with the boards on my UMX planes. My SBach was totaled once because of a bad board, and then again because of another bad board (this was the reason I bought the Inverza actually, a replacement of the SBach).

As the type of plane it is, take offs are very easy and can be brought into a hover if one wishes, so not bad stalling tendencies in that department. I kept throws at about 60% and with 30% expo. This gives some good authority, despite being only 60%, and as such, you must be careful during takeoffs, especially with any aileron input. Binding was easy enough, simply still a wire in between the two pins of the receiver to allow you to have to hands to plug in the battery. After that, it was no issue binding my 9xr.

In flight, the Inverza handles slow speed very nicely, as can be expected from this type of plane. Stalling out leads only to the plane wiggling, and does not drop a wing or go out of control. Inverted is flawless, requiring essentially no elevator input, simply just roll the plane and keep going. The same goes for knife edges, and really all one needs is rudder, and not aileron to keep the plane on its side. The roll rates on the Inverza are, to say the least, insane. I still only have the plane set to 60% throws on ailerons, and the rolls are a blur almost. Elevator authority is great as well. Increase the throttle and the Inverza delivers a great top end air speed, as well as instant thrust to pull into vertical, or perhaps out of a sticky situation. Even with the power available, flight times are very good, resulting in a half a pack used in around a 5 minute or so flight, so 7-8 minute flights should be no issue, unless you were to use full throttle the entire flight.

For landing, this plane can easily be taken down slowly, and just popped on the ground with basically no runway. For basic landings, the plane has very low bounce and no tendency to nose over, as the gear is very far forward. The prop is also not considerably large, and thus prop strikes are unlikely.

I will be changing out the servos of the Inverza for some metal gear ones. The stock servos are, as per other reviews, something that is a major letdown. This is to be expected I feel, considering the E flite servos in my Blade 450x are fragile as well. I am, however, a much better pilot with planes, and bad landings are not common for me, so I cannot see myself damaging a servo. I have read of others stripping servos in flight, but this is hard to say whether these accounts were not due to rougher landings, causing damage that ultimately caused failure in flight. The servos are good so far, but I will change them simply because I do not trust them.

Overall, the Inverza is a very nice plane, that looks and flies well. There are little issues with durability of the foam and/or paint, as well as servos that are not the best, but I still highly recommend the Inverza. The aerobatic capabilities of the plane are great, and it can be pushed far past my current abilities. It would be nice to have AS3X in the Inverza, as it isn't a large plane at all, but it does fly perfectly fine without the stabilization.
Wingspan: 26.0 in Overall Length: 26.0 in Wing Area: 162.0 sq. in Flying Weight:8.3 oz
Equipment Used:
Motor: BL 280 Outrunner Motor, 1800Kv Speed Control: 10-amp brushless Servos: 3.5g Digital Servo (EFLR7100) Battery: Zippy 500mah 3s 35C
Retail Price:

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Performance Capabilities:
Average 92%

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Old Yesterday, 03:11 PM
pizzano's Avatar
pizzano pizzano is offline
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Join Date: May 2012
Location: So. Calif
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"I have read of others stripping servos in flight, but this is hard to say whether these accounts were not due to rougher landings, causing damage that ultimately caused failure in flight. The servos are good so far, but I will change them simply because I do not trust them."

A flying buddy of mine has this Inverza.....I have not flown it, but helped set-up the TX ratios. He's a very capable pilot and owns serveral 3D type birds and has put this model near the top of his 3D List.

It looks fairly durable...for a smallish foamie. As far as servos go, from inspection they appear to be 3 to 4 gram digitals, all are either buried in the fuselage or under side of the wings. Outside of the stress the steerable tail wheel linkage may experience from ROG or poor landings, not sure how "rough landings" would have any real physical effect on the other servo's........(unless, of course the landing gear has been removed to allow for belly flops).

So far, there have been no issues with his model's performance or durability. It has been both hand launched and ROG'd at least 12 times that I'm aware of.....ROG tracking has not been a problem since it gets off the ground almost instantly.......looks pretty good in the air too (if kept within LOS......it's able to get away from view quite quickly).....nice plane.
AMA 928214
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Old Yesterday, 04:10 PM
thepiper92's Avatar
thepiper92 thepiper92 is offline
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It was mainly the rudder servo that people were complaining about. The only way I can see it being and issue is if you land on the tail itself. Stripping a servo in flight seems highly unlikely to me. It makes me curious of how many of the people reviewing can fly the Inverza competently, and arent just barely keeping it in the air and hitting the tail on landings. My 450x stripped a servo with no impact, but then again a larger rotor has much more going on, and it could have been weaken already during shipment or me handling the heli. As of now, I can't really put servos as a negative against the plane.

The plane does indeed get away from you fast, it certainly isn't a slouch.
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