Powerlinez Pics
Thanks to all the picture takers..

Matts   SHP
Rivot..  What are you doing
Stinger    V2.5
Edge compared to Showtime..
Wes's 55'' Edge..  Best 3DHS plane YET!~!
KatFish 55'  3DHS.
A B-29 did WHAT!!    Wing came off of this also..   Very Sad..
Thanks to my Bro in law Mike G   I had a QQ Yak..   Till the wing came off in the air
Some of my favorite planez   soo far..
Lipo FIRE!!!    WATER!!!!
Holdie with Helis
Me old Ultra stick with SAITO 100..
I had one of these for ......    3 flights..   Charge battz b4 flying..
Kenny and Mel.. My buds..
My favorite Heli that Joey flew..   The touch and go faster was AWESOME!!!!   Thanks Joey..
Katfish and Rivot..    Tail chewer of Extra 260z.. 
Matts Slick   and our camp..
Stryker incedint..    It was  NOT going over 200 MPH@!!!!

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