Foam Drink Cup Fuselage
Showing how to take foam drink cups and make a small to medium size park flyer fuselage.
Fuselage from Foam Drink Cups - Matching the diameters at the joining area.
Fuselage from a Foam Cups - Matching up the parts.  Simple schemes to ensure a strong joint between parts.
Foam Cups - Making the first cut-off on large foam drink cups.  The beginning of a foam cup fuselage for small to medium sized park flyers.
Foam Cup Cut Lines -The purpose of the cut lines is to reduce the diameter of the widest part of the cup (narrow wedge cut-outs) to form the front...
Foam Cup Ring Tool -Foam Ring from the drinking cup to be glued inside to strengthen the cowling area.
Foam Cup Ring Tool - Fold Three.  You can make more folds, but it is rare to need more.
Foam Cup Ring Tool -Fold two.  Divides the cup diameter into four equal sections.
Foam Cup Ring Tool -Fold one.  Makes two marking guides, which divides the cup diameter in half.
Foam Cup Ring Divider - The cardboard measuring tool in use.  The primary purpose of the tool is to divide the cup into equal sections.
Foam Cup Divider Ring - A cardboard measuring tool.
Foam Cup First Cut - Razor Saw seems to be best tool to make a straight cut.
Putting the cut off back in to make the engine cowling -Foam Cup Radial Fuselage
Starting a Foam Cup Fuselage -First Cut
Foam Drink Cup Fuselage -Cartoon Style.  My first experiment and the beginning of many more.

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