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  1. electric control line
  2. anybody play "ornithopters"?
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  14. Ornithopter- have you ever flown one or are interested in flying one?
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  17. anyone built a blimp?
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  24. Identity of this aircraft?
  25. VTOL or STOL...
  26. RC falconry lure, again
  27. Pizza Express
  28. Convertible plane "RUSSIAN DUCK"
  29. John Deere
  30. Reverse Thrust System (RTS)
  31. Odd Aircraft
  32. Maxair Drifter
  33. Diffrent?
  34. Rutan Long-EZ
  35. Star war x-wing fighter-rc aircraft
  36. TH Vista EP
  37. Any Bub's out threre Have'in fun afterDark
  38. can you make the PZ 1cell charger A 2cell charger
  39. Zveno I-4; Flying Aircraft Carrier?
  40. Solar around the world flight
  41. Fish Blimp
  42. rocket powered flight
  43. RC powered parachute
  44. flying colgate motion toothbrushes
  45. Want something a little different check here
  46. Epower F/F anyone?
  47. Awww This is Cute, Momma Drone & 2 Baby Drones
  48. Electric control line trainer
  49. Rc Skydivers
  50. predator drone
  51. L-Bird
  52. We knew it was just a matter of time...
  53. Air Hogs Osprey
  54. Lego Len goes flying (Video)
  55. PT 25 Autogyro
  56. Lazerkuts Hydro Extreme
  57. Ryan XV-5 Vertifan Scratch build
  58. McCutchen single blade helicopter
  59. Harrier Jump Jet VTOL
  60. Enterprise D
  61. Fly like a bird
  62. The odd airplane that i fly
  63. Snelflight Quad Pod
  64. RC Canard w/ 10' wingspan crash -againx5 Video
  65. The Fairchild Fledgling
  66. Formation Video
  67. The Hobby King Para Wing
  68. scratch built gondola build log for hobby king para wing
  69. Star Trek ? Any plans out there ...
  70. Premier RC.com RC Vector Kites
  71. Fly Guy's at Torrey Pines
  72. Foot Launched Sailplane!
  73. variable geometry motor mounts
  74. Steampunk Airships
  75. Durafly 'Auto-G' autogyro
  76. This is the place for unusual planes, right?
  77. B Go Beyond
  78. Is This The Worlds Largest Aircraft
  79. John Gunn CL Stunt Contest May 17-18 El Dorado, AR
  80. CL-84 Dynavert maybe on the way!
  81. WingBoard Surfer
  82. South Arkansas Stunt Contest Nov. 1-2 ElDorado, AR
  83. Human Powered Helicopter
  84. My gyrocopter.
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  92. Rogallo Wing Design
  93. Unique Crop Duster
  94. For All Those Who Continue To Mis-Identify UAV Craft
  95. If the Military can't get it right ?
  96. looking to build a VTOL
  97. Nostalgia-Mambo with Tobe Galloping Ghost
  98. So I built me an RC truck, or is it a plane???
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  100. Carbon Fiber 64mm Indestructible MonoPhan - Thrust Vectoring VTOL
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