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  1. Have questions on aerodynamics and physics? Post them here.
  2. noob CG question
  3. Help with Aeronca L3 build - Dihedral and Ailerons
  4. Spar location and C of G help
  5. Airfoil attachment
  6. Adding flaps?
  7. How to predict the stall speed of an airplane?
  8. Tie Ailerons-Rudder
  9. Building a Steen Skybolt from 3 views
  10. Angle of attack
  11. Where does the propeller go and why?
  12. Ruining aerodynamics with packing tape and rulers?
  13. R/C Plane as a Kite??
  14. Bubbles
  15. inverted climbout help
  16. Wing Aerodynamics
  17. Tapered trailing edge for sloping
  18. I bought, I saw, I copied, I LOVE.
  19. twist/rotate wings instead of ailerons?
  20. Calculating Initial C of G for foam Tripalne
  21. No ailerons (noob question)
  22. Need Help with Thrust Angle
  23. Flat plate foam wing camber
  24. Adding weight - Hobbyzone FBF
  25. Quad wing gliders... dose it enhance a glider?
  26. How much Dihedral
  27. Flat airfoil vs. curved
  28. Laws of Aerodynamics- all 3 of them!
  29. Induced drag
  30. V Tail Advantages
  31. Heli fuse aero
  32. Question of Stability
  33. how do you find the center of lift?
  34. Is 140 degrees too much for a V Tail Glider?
  35. What If?
  36. Oblique/asymmetrical wings
  37. Scaling factors in Aerodynamics
  38. Low Wing From A High Wing
  39. profili
  40. laminar flow wings
  41. No power, no glide ?
  42. Three Channel Aileron Setup?
  43. Airfoiled horizontal stabilizer
  44. Need help on this one.
  45. aileron question
  46. Scale airfoils
  47. knife edge
  48. Difference in airfoil?
  49. CG of original plane then add on electronics or.........
  50. elevator a little crooked?
  51. Delta wing?
  52. Flawed build/hard left turn-where would you start to re-evaluate?
  53. Air Hoggs Titan Conversion
  54. Wing loading question
  55. another newbie aileron question
  56. Another COG Question
  57. Terms I need help with understanding.
  58. simple questions.
  59. Heres a dumb question.
  60. Why would a plane do this?
  61. Is this servo strong enough?
  62. Airfoil vs Flat
  63. Heres An Interesting Question
  64. i have a question regarding a term i found
  65. a new tail design........maaaayyybeeeee
  66. Can this design fly?
  67. Too much lift when flying upwind-can I adjust something?
  68. Single Airelon...........
  69. v-22 osprey question
  70. which causes lift?
  71. Gyroscopic rotor precession
  72. Does increasing weight increase landing speed?
  73. slow flight: wing thickness vs broadness
  74. Spins and V Tails
  75. Stall propagation
  76. Trimming ailerons - too high vs. too low
  77. Center Of Gravity and other Use full links need help.
  78. adverse gyroscopic effect
  79. Thrust centerline vs CG, CD, P-factor, with the SLOW STICK?!?!?!?!
  80. Anyone Ever Built a windtunnel for rc plane use?
  81. RET vs. AET?
  82. baffled by untrimable right roll.
  83. curled wing tips (likely dumb "Q")
  84. Stability for flying wings
  85. flapperons????????
  86. I'm Crushed! Bernoulli Was Wrong!
  87. Need help with ailerons and airfoils.
  88. Servo math for DUMMIES
  89. Thrust to weight ratio, what is sufficient for a decent parkflyer?
  90. The What would happen if thread.
  91. finding the C.G. before maiden
  92. What makes a plane float and cruise lazily on low power?
  93. How to use Flaps?
  94. Hanging a plane to test for flight characteristics?
  95. Thrust to Speed?
  96. Question regarding AOA
  97. wing loading
  98. Aerodynamics lesson from whale fins
  99. Slow Stick and Slo-V wing comparison, sort of…
  100. bigger motor issues
  101. Bernoulli versus Newton
  102. Canards without working canards?
  103. Weight on wheels
  104. motor thrust angle question
  105. Airfoil issues, opinions please
  106. What causes tip stall?
  107. Damaged wing tip
  108. Canard aircraft pitch control?
  109. Need help on tail control setup...
  110. Waverider/Compression Lift RC?
  111. How well would this craft perform?
  112. High Alfa stability with a Dellta
  113. CoG issue- i think
  114. Taming the Snap
  115. Adjust ailerons down to increase lift?
  116. Free airfoil plotting program
  117. What works best with V-tails? Flat wings or dihedral?
  118. Pusher prop, rudder & elevator
  119. Lift vs Force?
  120. Wind Tunnel
  121. Link to List of Aerofoil Usage in Ful Size Aircraft
  122. Straight LE vs Swept LE
  123. Was just curious is it possible to hit 0oz/sq ft as in loading?
  124. Expected flight time / distance on this airplane?
  125. Inertia
  126. Downwind Turns
  127. How much energy is lost each time a glider turns 180 degrees
  128. Retreating Blade Stall on RC Helicopters
  129. Calculating lift
  130. Plane design software
  131. This airfoil has more drag?
  132. rudder needed ?
  133. Plane vs Heli Power
  134. Tail section
  135. Aileron Size Area
  136. Flying With No Control Surfaces
  137. Model Design, Aerodynamic and Airfoil Links
  138. horizontal stab angle
  139. Dihedral /rudder confusion
  140. Tricks of the trade with every day objects that could be used on RC Toys
  141. CG location puzzling me...
  142. Effect of adding fillets to wing?
  143. Possibility of Adding Ailerons
  144. Swept wings
  145. HELP Larry and guys
  146. characteristics of this wing
  147. angles and dihedral
  148. Alms for the aerodynamically unfit
  149. Dihedral vs. polyhedral
  150. NACA profile for Hi wing Trainer
  151. Hobby Lobby A-10 aerodynamics
  152. Pusher, Counter Rotate, ARGH!
  153. pusher thrust lines
  154. Advice on First canard build
  155. Wing Stagger on a Biplane
  156. Downwind Turns "The Real Dangers"
  157. Fullflying Control Surfaces
  158. What keeps Frizby in the air?
  159. Focke wulf ta 183 question
  160. Larger tip airfoil, smaller root airfoil
  161. Help with stalling
  162. twin boom help
  163. V-tails and ailerons
  164. V-bar for a twin boom
  165. Problem establishing sweet spot trim in mod Easy Star
  166. PREDIMRC Aeromodelism & Aerodynamics
  167. Aspect ratio vrs efficiency/fuel ecconomy?
  168. Downwind faster than the wind?
  169. On a Flying Wing Flaps and Elevator are the same thing?
  170. Aileron sensitivity
  171. Tailplane dihedral
  172. Flight performance in Humid air
  173. Tapered VS strait wings
  174. Stall speed
  175. advantage to "profiling" round tubing
  176. "Semi-eliptical planiform"
  177. Aerodynamics - does size matter?
  178. winglets
  179. wing tip shape
  180. Tandem Wing Spacing and Reynolds
  181. Aileron design
  182. Winglets - any tips on size, shape etc?
  183. Nice info on airfoil profiles at these sites
  184. Trim Tabs
  185. What purpose do these fins serve?
  186. hobbyzone j-3 cub
  187. Is what I think I know right?
  188. P-40 cox warbird
  189. Mini-Telemaster aerodynamics
  190. "Full Flying" wings - surely it's been done?
  191. Does anyone put the extra washout on their wing tips?
  192. Simple flaps
  193. Proper Dihedral for palne converted to 4 channel
  194. Flitetest join the downwind turn debate!
  195. Does a propellor add side area?
  196. V-tail formula
  197. Measuring wing area
  198. Planning Scratch Fiberglass Plane Build. Have ?'s...
  199. Wing Loading formula?
  200. Wingloading and flight characteristics
  201. Lets Discuss Flaps...
  202. Tail wing
  203. Can you have too much camber in an airfoil?
  204. stengthening the canopy
  205. Foam removal
  206. Scaling of dimensions
  207. I really don't understand wing shape.
  208. need to build a trainer wing
  209. Canard CG - can it be out from under the wing?
  210. Flaps on tailless aircraft
  211. Aileron hinging
  212. Gull Wings - pros / cons / nasty habits?
  213. Question about F-18/F-35C rudders
  214. New Phoenix Evolution power glider settings ???
  215. Landing gear yay or ney on glider Thinking no but...
  216. Quantitive methods for designing aircraft to operate in a certain flight envolope?
  217. The Craziest airfoil shapes!
  218. motor upthrust Monolog 400 ep
  219. Flaps w/ Elevator
  220. Aileron set-up