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  1. How is this for a B-17???
  2. My travel plans scuppered ...
  3. Another reason I hate Microsoft !
  4. Not Real Happy With Pepboys Auto Service
  5. New plane (and everything else under the sun) Hauler!
  6. stupid is as stupid does...this was on the news.
  7. Here's a Ride for the Fearless
  8. Super tanker water bomber OMG!
  9. airbus e fan jet trainer at german airshow
  10. USB Computer Microscope
  11. 4 Blood Moon Tetrads
  12. USN X-47B video
  13. Charge cards
  14. Sciatica is stopping me flying... any cures?
  15. Trike With Blades
  16. Chit Chat Thread
  17. got permanent ban on RCG
  18. The robots are coming......
  19. 787-9 being thrashed around at Farnborough
  20. Visa enters the e-payment game....alternative to Pay Pal?
  21. Big American Flag Pole in Wisconsin
  22. My Other Hobby :) Vintage Engine Restoration
  23. Happy Birthday to me! (NASCAR fans will be jealous!)
  24. Robin Williams found dead today at age 63... so sad
  25. My Son is leaving for college, where do all the years go?
  26. Whatever Happened To?
  27. Guardian's of the Galaxy, Is a RIOT
  28. BroncoSquid's NAVY Deployment Thread
  29. How Nigel got home !!
  30. you got to be kidding,no fly zone friday&saturday!!!
  31. For the aviation Buffs!
  32. LED's aren't just for night flying anymore!
  33. 7th Annual Worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon
  34. sonata tbm- 700 tubo prop crash
  35. 2014 is not my best year !
  36. Lets Stir Some Worms, Airfoil Myth
  37. Airfield Boneyard
  38. Miramar Airshow anyone?
  39. Old Engines
  40. Wondertrail.com
  41. Printer Ink
  42. 1/8 full scale Harley Bike
  43. The fastest non-orbit human flight
  44. I Hate That When That Happens
  45. Giant Military RC airplane!
  46. they won't stop talking terror with drones on the news
  47. Show Us Your Halloween Costume
  48. Getting back into the hobby
  49. Yea :) I Saved Myself at least $260.00
  50. Happy Veterans Day
  51. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  52. Cold and Flu Season
  53. Geeze, another scam!
  54. Great, Just What I Needed
  55. what would you want from your 20+y/o kids for christmas
  56. Why I'm building a window and why it's significant (to me)
  57. Have a wonderful Holiday season Wattheads!
  58. Just raise the freaking price!
  59. Wattflyer Members Meeting in Las Vegas
  60. Bentley's May Need Scuba Help Soon
  61. Candy Store
  62. Aircraft Nicknames
  63. The more time with WF ... the more I appreciate it ...
  64. Disney movie : Planes
  65. Seems Vaguely Familiar With RC
  66. Climate Chaos ??? What are they Talking About ???
  67. Launch on way .. taxi waiting ... flight ticket booked
  68. opinions
  69. I Hate Computers
  70. Non-club member rant
  71. Could You Have Safely Landed Your RC Version Of This Warbird.....?
  72. Building a model plane with my Granddaughter
  73. Big news! I am going home to Tennessee!
  74. hobbyking shipping charges
  75. FED EX delivered my package, I just don't know to where.
  76. SOMETIMES...This job ain't bad
  77. Here we go again - the move
  78. Hobbyking C.S.
  79. i have to stop winding up certain people !
  80. Paper plane and Changi Airport
  81. About how old are you?
  82. Settling down after moving at last
  83. I'm at the Intel ISEF! International science fair!
  84. Bragging on my daughter!
  85. June issue of Model Aviation
  86. Aircraft review copyright discussion
  87. Getting settled in my new home/flying field
  88. did you know? phones track and record you every move!!
  89. I could watch this all day.
  90. starting to look like a hangar now!
  91. Abandoned Russian Space Exploration Discovery.
  92. To all you gun owners
  93. Guy Turned His Drone Into A Hoverboard
  94. slow wattflyer,hasn't retained my login,fewer posts....
  95. Windows 10 - any users had trouble ?
  96. R.I.P. Azarr
  97. Bragging on my Son again!
  98. For when you are REALLY in a hurry.
  99. Free donuts!
  100. Remember...
  101. Unwelcome guest... Bird in my garage! Problem solved...
  102. Anyone else get the new Tower Hobbies catalog?
  103. eBay Rant, this week I hate them all!!!!!!!
  104. New To Windows 10.....?......You Might Want To Read This
  105. Spent the weekend with my Son in Blacksburg
  106. 6 years ago today.
  107. Mastermind my butt!!!!
  108. Happy Thanksgiving
  109. Let's see your flying field from google earth
  110. Flying Wings and Things
  111. Albany County New york,banning all rc flying including club fields.
  112. December 7th 1941; A date which will live in infamy...
  113. Austin Haughwort is at it again!!19year old who want his videos on the news. .
  114. Best Wishes to all for the Season and for next year
  115. ATC North Pole newsflash
  116. Paraglider Flies By Wingsuiter
  117. Mason's (my son) Sophomore Corp of Cadet pictures
  118. FAA unwraps drone rules for the holidays
  119. Blue Angles in 360
  120. Happy new year !!!!!!
  121. Time For The Brushless Upgrade. *Nail Biting Video*
  122. So you want to win the powerball... here's how to do it... lol
  123. New Years Resolution
  124. World's first commercial drone that can carry a human
  125. Cell Phone Charging While Driving is Destroying the Planet.
  126. Helicopter Pilot Saves Kid's RC Plane
  127. California Lawmakers Introduce Bill Requiring Drones To Get License Plates/Insurance
  128. eBay, China, US, shipping?
  129. One
  130. Advertising ? is everyone getting it?
  131. UK's 'Greatest Pilot' Eric Brown Dies At 97
  132. #11 X-acto finger chopper game!
  133. Singapore F16's
  134. I Have Been Soldering Wrong the Whole Time...
  135. Wow... who would buy this? FAA ID card
  136. Time to brag on my pride and joy again.
  137. interesting bit of deception
  138. video of speedshark topping 100+ mph for the record finally.
  139. Fire call today, thought I would share a photo.
  140. My back-yard ! Boats to play with.
  141. Not my week for Automobiles...
  142. Garage reorganization project
  143. FAA Releases Drone Registration Location Data
  144. Finally! Haynes has a drone manual.
  145. Old Belarus tractors
  146. BOLO - Stolen trailer with Airplanes Knoxville, TN area
  147. Who has been fined by the FAA.
  148. A Sad Day for Naval Aviation
  149. Another Proud Papa moment
  150. Unanimous "Not Guilty" Verdict in Los Angeles' First Criminal Drone Use Trial
  151. A fun but bittersweet day with "my kids".
  152. My Mate and I fishing at home ...
  153. Opps... someone let the magic smoke out!
  154. The thing I love about trail cameras...you just never know what you are going to get.
  155. Extremely slow email? 3 weeks to deliver?
  156. Happy Fisherdog !!
  157. It has been a while
  158. Life at home ...
  159. Deleted post
  160. Just returned from vacation
  161. Who is your favorite player in Olympics ?
  162. Suggest me some cute names for my little girl?
  163. Latest spat
  164. A long project winding down
  165. 1000 mph perfect timing
  166. Guess who made Model Aviation magazine?
  167. So what else do you blow money on?
  168. where does the time go???
  169. soldering iron tip won't tin.whats up?
  170. AMA Plans Service
  171. Thanks to RC, I'm building a motorcycle
  172. Wow, this video is SCARY
  173. The Saga of the Latvian Driving Licence.
  174. Box Wing - Vertical Take-off
  175. TowerHobbies did me right!!!! great deal with code 610ng
  176. Bob Hoover passed away at 94
  177. A portable battery box
  178. Bragging on myself a bit.
  179. Happy Thanksgiving
  180. Fires in the Great Smoky Mountains area
  181. Dead drone week
  182. California trip very soon ..
  183. Neal Harris - Killed in his Aquatic Buccaneer II B single-engine aircraft
  184. Just a little 3D printing
  185. Feels Like The First Time
  186. don't you hate it when ...threw away something I use.
  187. Just Checking In...
  188. Should I Buy A New Cordless Drill or Another Plane?
  189. Is Wattflyer on life support?
  190. VIP no fly zone. Trump nightmare for New Jersey.
  191. Just a fidget
  192. Nationalism takes the stage in Latvia !!
  193. Lost a great friend during the night.
  194. Worlds Largest Aircraft To Start Testing
  195. Scratch-built 'droid'
  196. Youtube strange now ...
  197. Maverick Strong
  198. Tool caddy
  199. RC related WORD CHAIN GAME ?
  200. What's Up With The U.S. Navy 7th Fleet
  201. A proud moment.
  202. Hurricane Harvey - my heart goes out to the people.
  203. FPV Videos: Feiyue Eagle / VRX Octane
  204. VRX Octane XL 1/10 Brushless RC Car
  205. XLH 9120 1/12 2.4G Off-Road RC Car
  206. Photobucket embedded pictures fix
  207. Getting closer
  208. Music today ?
  209. Sorry Guys and Gals .... I succumbed to Clubs new toys - Cars
  210. Lost a friend today
  211. Surgery 11/9/17
  212. RC HELI and airplane batteries
  213. Garage building starts with Model Workshop on top !!
  214. Dunno about you - but I'm tired of all this Harassment
  215. Christmas Aviation Classic
  216. Very Best Wishes to all this Holiday Season
  217. Where are everyone ???
  218. Hobbico files for bankruptcy
  219. New Hobby
  220. I am Getting To Old for this Sheet
  221. My new (old) Ford Fairlane
  222. Evolution and how future Forums could be ?
  223. Sprayer
  224. Shop reorganization project
  225. Privately held Airplane boneyard back up east....
  226. Guess the movie
  227. ******* Windows 10 and the latest update
  228. Off-topic but I need HELP !!
  229. Spring is here and boat launched ...
  230. My Spare Time Enjoyment
  231. It's just not fair.
  232. 24 April - I lost a great friend and companion
  233. Taking a break from lifes burdens ....
  234. JOE NALL CANCELLED!!! (Not a joke)
  235. Anybody Following Q Anon
  236. Wow 40,000 + Sealed Indictments
  237. Has Anyone Ever Seen UFOs in the Skys
  238. Are there Aliens Walking amongst us
  239. AI Good or Bad
  240. They Almost Arrested That SUCKER
  241. Unbelieviable landings and takeoffs
  242. Type 2 Diabetes, High Triglycerides, Natural Remedies
  243. The Salt that is Good for you
  244. I Got Really Lucky This Time
  245. Mild Form of Dyslexia
  246. Why do People Stutter
  247. A Shout out to the Moderators
  248. So whats with this Google Spider?
  249. Out of action for awhile
  250. How is all our Carolina folks post Florence? report in!