View Full Version : a ep balsa corsair..?

09-12-2006, 04:54 AM
has anyone toyed around with any of the guillows scale models planes for r/c? this particular corsair model is described as being a highly complex scale kit for rubber/line but can be moddded to house baisc rc electronics.

I'd like to customize a corsair with a sport/acrobat stlye paint job and translucent wing and tail cover.:)


Sky Sharkster
09-12-2006, 11:32 AM
Hello Richard, Welcome to Wattflyer!
Regarding the Guillows line of models, there's been a few R/C conversions, perhaps some of the builders will add their comments here. My experience with Guillows kits has been that the balsa selection isn't the best, I've built a Spitfire and L-19 "Bird Dog" and had to replace a lot of the wood. Also, unless you get one of the newer laser-cut versions you'll find the die-cutting leaves a lot to be desired.
If I was going to build an entirely built-up Warbird I'd be tempted to try a Dare kit, http://www.newcreations-rc.com/ProductDetails.aspx?itemnumber=DHD538EL Although there have been some comments about the "fit" of the parts, they are designed for conversions.
Another choice would be the Turnkey line of short kits http://www.turnkeyrc.com/ Under the Gus Morfis designs there's a "Short" kit for the Corsair.
Those are the only fully built-up kits I know of in a 30" plus size. Dumas makes a 17-1/2" version and there are a few foam wing, balsa fuselage models, many all-foam ARFs. There are also lots of plan sets available for "scratch" builders, check the Links on the sticky here on "Warbirds".
Whatever you decide, Good Luck!