View Full Version : SOLD:Hirobo XRB - Wireless - For Sale !!!

Hotshot Charlie
09-05-2005, 11:52 PM

I will ship for $225 ConUS. It comes with a new bubble cabin (canopy) (in box-new) a new tail truss (in box-new), one partially used box of A Blades and one partially used box of B blades (I think I have used 1 set from each box). The reason I have the new parts is that there is a missing horizontal stab on the truss that I am flying and the Cabin (canopy) has a crack in it. I ordered the new ones, but haven't seen a reason to put them on. Flys great like it is. It also comes with it's own xmitter with crystal, or do as I do.... I am using mine with my JR9303. Also has manual with it.

This is a fun little heli. Here is a link to photos of me flying it:

Really haven't thought much about selling it, it is fun and I will kick myself if I sell it.... especially this winter..... but my refrigerator just quit and my wife isn't too happy about using the one that in my workshop.... hehehe Need the Money !