View Full Version : NEW: PowerPanel LCD Display From Eagle Tree

09-15-2006, 05:13 PM
Do you know how much power is left in your battery pack after a flight? Do you know how your expensive electric power system performs under actual operating conditions? If not, the USB MicroPower E-Logger + PowerPanel are the products you've been asking for, and we’re pleased to provide them.


The MicroPower eLogger has a good subset of the features of its cousin, the Eagle Tree Data Recorder, at a price that makes it more accessible to those who don’t need the advanced features or expandability of our Data Recorder systems. And now, with the addition of the PowerPanel slimline LCD Display, you can see instantaneous live and max data without needing a laptop at the field!


NEW: PowerPanel LCD Display - a Gas Gauge for your Pack!
Now you can connect our new PowerPanel super lightweight LCD Display module to your MicroPower!

This ultra thin LCD display connects to the MicroPower with the included 11" data cable, and lets you get your max and live data displayed without a PC, just like the heavier, non-logging watt meters on the market.


The display is fully programmable to show you your live and max Voltage, Amperage, Temperatures, RPM, mAH used, and more! Since you can know your mAH after your session, you know approximately how much juice is left in your pack!

Just connect it to your MicroPower after your session for readback of live and max data. Or, since the PowerPanel is so light, it can easily be attached to the side of your model for live/max display all the time!

Click here (http://eagletreesystems.com/MicroPower/micro.htm) for more information and detailed online reviews, on our website's MicroPower page.