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Sky Sharkster
09-30-2006, 01:27 PM
Although RCM is (apparently) out of the mag business and according to their site, looking for a buyer, the plans service is still online. No, I haven't tried it (but I'm gonna!) so proceed here at your own risk.
PL-751 Bird Of Time By Dave Thornburg, RCM 1/79, $10.00
That's for starters...
Pl-643 Olympic II By Lee Renaud RCM 6/76 $15.50
PL-596 Aquila By Lee Renaud RCM 5/75 $15.50
PL-831 Sagitta 900 " " " RCM 4/81 $18.00
PL-865 Sagitta 600 " " " RCM 5/82 $15.50
PL-861 Gemini MTS By Ed Slobod RCM 4/82 $15.00
PL-626 Paragon By Ed Slobod RCM 1/76 $14.50
PL-955 Gnome 2M By John Luppreger RCM 12/85 $12.50
PL 387 Windsong By Owen Kampen RCM 3/69 $8.00
PL-495 Windfree By Mark + Rod Smith RCM 6/72 $9.00
And about 100 more sailplane plans including Thermal, Slope, Scale, sport, HL and a few electric-powered gliders.
Also, some of these are available in kit form, from;

10-05-2006, 03:49 AM
Good list, but I would prefer an ARF, or a kit. Not a scratch builder myself.

Did you order anything?

Sky Sharkster
10-05-2006, 04:08 AM
Hi Ed, I haven't ordered from RCM yet, but I plan to order at least one TD glider (plan set) and they have a Bowers "Flybaby" I've been looking for awhile, no kits available for this.
Tower Hobbies has both a kit and an ARF of the BOT, both 118" W.S.
TE2116 Bird Of Time ARF $139.99
TE2117 Bird Of Time Kit $64.99

10-05-2006, 12:14 PM
I like to have at least RES controls.

I happen to love the look of the BOT. If I got one, I would put spoilers in the wings. I did notice that the ARF is a LOT heavier than the kit.

I have two 2M RES planes. If I went for a 3M it would be an AVA from www.kennedycomposits.com (http://www.kennedycomposits.com) ( big bucks ) or an EZBD Bubble Dancer from Polecataero. www.polecataero.com (http://www.polecataero.com)