View Full Version : Midwest J3 Cub Kit (cira 1985)

10-04-2006, 12:25 PM
Hi All,
I purchased a older gas kit & am trying to convert to electric. The kit is a foam from the mid 1980's. WS=44" WA=285sqIn. Can't seem to get it off the ground. Grass TO won't work. Hand launch it will fly for 50'-75' them sink to the ground.
It's at 21oz w/out electronics. Anyone have input to help me with setup. I don't have a watt meter.
Present configuration 2212 motor direct drive, 30A ESC, 2500mAh Li-po. Tried E props from 8" - 11" with no luck. I'm assuming I need a much larger motor. I live in the Caribbean, no club here so thus no help from experiences pilots.