View Full Version : Sjm T-bataar

10-05-2006, 10:33 PM
Been looking about for a "winter project" & the T-BATAAR dist by Century UK caught my eye. Anyone out there got one, or have seen a review on one? From what I can gather it seem's to be Twister/cp2 size, But fully "blinged" standard (mini trex se?)

10-10-2006, 10:17 PM
Howay! UK english- (Newcastle geordie, u must have seen the original "get Carter" film) Has anyone bought one of these Wee Beastie's! any Q.C. issues, or should I buy a Twister (with all the bling?)

10-16-2006, 11:28 PM
Hi there!

The T-bataar is basically the same as the Aplus 300. There is a big and concise review 6 page of it in last months Rotorworld Magazine (issue 17). You can buy the magazine from Midland Helicopters.

Genreal concensus on the bird was - its decent, but overcomplicated, and doesnt like wind.

Hope this helps.