View Full Version : Great U.K. Glider Site!

Sky Sharkster
10-07-2006, 03:27 PM
Here's a very useful soaring site from Great Britain;
http://www.rc-soar.com/ Put together by Mike Shellim.
Photos, Links, Hardware Reviews,
Model Reviews (Ripmax Sirius, Synergy 1 + 2, Ikarus ECO Heli, Eliminator SR, Mini Ellipse + Electric, Calypso V, Ellipse 2, 2V)
Software Reviews (including 3 airfoil plotting sites!),
Safety Topics (Epoxy Resin and Allergies, etc.),
Projects (A Model for Dynamic Soaring, F3F Design Project, Digital Aerial Photography, more)
White Papers (Spiral Stability Augmentation by Gyro, Calcuation of Equivalent Dihedral Angle, Sailplane Performance Analysis, Planes Database)
Bios, Events.
I especially liked the "Design Classics" article (Under Photos, Links, etc.) this is a capsule review of some of the most well-known gliders of the past.
Congratulation to Mike S for creating such a helpful resource!