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10-09-2006, 06:47 PM
I maiden the Mustang yesterday afternoon.....It flies great....It is in a TOTAL different class than any trainer (high-wing, flat bottom wing) I have flown so far!!!! WOW - I'm still trying to get over it!!!!...LOL

It was a bit more effort to 'keep it in the air' - although I must add, I think I am not use to flying with this much power applied....Up until now, I was flying at about half throttle and I had to find myself adding a bit more, to keep it in the air, especially round the corners. Else it would stall.

Is stalling easy by default on these planes? Or any low wing plane for that matter?

This is my first low wing (semi-airfoil wing plane).
My CG is correct, maybe 1/8" aft. Could this be the reason?:rolleyes:

11-01-2010, 10:51 PM
I maidened my Hangar 9 Blue Nose P-51 about a week after you did yours and had a similar experience. The model snapped five times during the 6 minute flight--once on its 3/4 throttle take-off, three times in medium speed turns, and once at the top of an attempted half Cuban eight. Not knowing what to expect on landing, I did the world's longest and lowest high speed approach and touched down at about Mach One--at least that's what it felt like. No damage to anything but my nerves.

At home, I rechecked the CG (dead center in the middle of the range) and looked closely at elevator throw. I had set it to the recommended inches, but when I checked the degrees, I found twice the recommended throw! Also, when checking the elevator, I found each half to be twisted, one up, one down. So that accounted for the 12 clicks of aileron I had to input to get it to fly level.

This is a great looking model, but, assembled in strict accordance with Hangar 9's recommendations, it came out 1.4 pounds over the listed maximum weight resulting in excessive wing loading and, with the warps in the elevators, is very tricky to fly.

I have flown RC for 30 years now, and this is the "snappiest" model I have ever encountered. :(

Please let me know how you make out with yours.